Terms of Service


1. Introduction

Global Catalog Inc.,(www.globalcatalog.com) is an internet based global business network available in 55 languages (hereafter referred to as “Global Catalog”) operated by Global Catalog service provider offering online business information about business entities (Producers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and Service providers) whether incorporated or not (hereafter referred to as “Member/s”), their products and services to internet Users (hereafter referred to as “User/s”) by means of Global Catalog’s technical and program facilities. Users are entitled only to lawfully use the information gained from Global Catalog and not to actively participate in the activities of Global Catalog.Please read the following agreement carefully. It includes the Terms of Service, which shall be adhered to by Global Catalog, Global Catalog and Members, under which Members agree to use and participate in the online activities of Global Catalog.


2. Global Catalog

Global Catalog service provider is: Global Catalog Inc (Incorporation Number: BC0751474) with headquarters located at B10A – 688 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, V6B 1P1, British Columbia, Canada.


3. Registration with Global Catalog is not obligatory for Users

A User not registered as a Member can only look up business information about Members, their products and services but are not entitled to use the services provided by Global Catalog to its Members (i.e. to enter business data about the business entity, their products and services) on Global Catalog. Once registered as a Member, Global Catalog will provide extended virtual space in Global Catalog to the Member and will make available further benefits and services to the Member.


4. Member Submissions

(1) A User who registers with Global Catalog becomes a Member. After registration a Member acquires the ability to enter, upload and download text and or image data about the business entity, its products and services to Global Catalog and actively participates in the services offered by Global Catalog.

(2) In order to promote and maintain the integrity, reputation and good standing of Global Catalog ,it is imperative that all the data and information entered by the Member to Global Catalog ,including all data entered to the registration form, be true, consistent and up-to-date. Global Catalog reserves the right to verify data entered by a Member by comparing the entered data with publicly accessible registers and other sources from time to time. Should any serious discrepancy (other than typing errors or spelling mistakes) or breach of any other Terms of Service be found or an inclusion of a false statement or omission of a material fact with the intent to misrepresent or mislead or to create a false impression or with the intent to defraud a User or other Member, it may result in cancellation of the Member’s subscription and termination of the Member’s active access to Global Catalog.

(3) The Member undertakes not to sign in or attempt to sign in to Global Catalog under somebody else’s name or a false name or to otherwise damage the integrity, reputation or good standing of Global Catalog or its Members. A Member, whose Username and password, submitted by Global Catalog to the Member and used in order to enter data to Global Catalog, shall be solely responsible for the content and accuracy of the data published in Global Catalog and for any damage which may arise as a result of illegal or false data. Global Catalog shall not be liable or responsible for the accuracy or correctness of this data nor for any damages from any cause whatsoever, which may arise as a result of illegal or incorrect data being entered.

(3) The Member undertakes not to copy, reproduce, offer for sale, sell or resell or otherwise distribute, circulate, publicize or operate any data or parts thereof, for any other purpose other than for its own business needs, nor use the data gained from Global Catalog or information about third parties gained from Global Catalog for its own commercial activities in competition with Global Catalog - save to order or purchase products or services from Members or sell its own products and services to Members or Users.

(4) Save for the permitted entering of information about the business entity, its products and services offered, the Member undertakes not to enter, amend, copy or otherwise modify any part of Global Catalog, accessible by the Member, nor to operate, use or launch any automated system, including but not limited to “spiders”, “robots” and “offline readers”. Member agrees not to harvest or collect personally identifiable information, account names or detail from Users or Members unless such Users or Members expressly offer it for general use.

(5) A Member shall not sell or sublet or licence or share virtual space made available to the Member by Global Catalog with a third party or another Member of Global Catalog or make its Username and password available to a third party or another Member with the intention to or which may result in confusion as to the identity of that Member or with who a User or other Member is dealing with.

(6) A Member is responsible to keep its password secret, safe and secure.

(7) A Member must be of legal age to participate in the activities of Global Catalog.

(8) A Member shall not create or submit unwanted e-mail, comments or other forms of communications designed to harass or intimidate any other Member.

(9) A Member shall not create accounts with Global Catalog by means of automated device, bot, crawler, spider scraper or script nor upload any malware, transmit any worms, viruses or software designed to disrupt or restrict the use of Global Catalog by any Member or User.


5. Data Protection

(1) The data information entered by the Member in correspondence with Global Catalog and which are not to be published in Global Catalog for public use, is confidential and Global Catalog shall be obliged to keep it confidential and secure even after the Member’s rights to active access to Global Catalog expires. Global Catalog shall only use such data exclusively in the scope necessary for operation of its Global Catalog and it shall not provide or disclose or sell such data to any third party without prior approval from the Member, save when an obligation to provide or disclose shall be legally obliged, especially in relation to breach of Terms of Service or according to law.

(2) The Member is responsible to safeguard the Username and password submitted to him by Global Catalog. The Member is solely responsible for the activity that occurs on its account and the virtual space provided by Global Catalog and undertakes to inform Global Catalog immediately of any suspect unauthorized activity that may be taking place on its account or its designated virtual space.

(3) All data about the Member’s business entity designated by the Member for publication and public consumption on Global Catalog will be made publicly available.

(4) The Member undertakes not to use Global Catalog or personal data gained from Global Catalog for mass sending of unsolicited advertisements or other information (spam) to Users or Members nor to use or sell Member’s information to any other entity with the purpose of generating spam.


6. Lawful Use

During any activity connected with Global Catalog usage, the Member shall be obliged to adhere to international treaties, conventions and generally binding legal regulations of the country or territory in which it operates from or in which it executes its activities and, during operation or execution of the activities, the Member undertakes to respect general moral conventions applicable, and especially not to promote or describe the following by any words, text or images in a way that derogates, justifies, approves, extols or propagate any:

  • 1) war or terrorism or other cruel or inhuman activities and violations, reference to race, nationality, ethnicity or hatred or xenophobia.
  • 2) illegal trade with human organs,
  • 3) illegal trade with children, child pornography, child prostitution, enslavement of children or convict labor,
  • 4) illegal usage of, or production of, or distribution of illegal narcotic drugs, poison precursors or medicines, mushrooms, herbs or other substances, or any product which may contain them,
  • 5) illegal production, distribution and sale of weapons, explosives, explosive devices and nuclear materials,
  • 6) prostitution and enslavement of any person whether male or female,
  • 7) corruption, organized crime, money laundering and other criminal behavior or activity,
  • 8) political parties and or movements, which promote or describe the above-mentioned deeds in their programs in a way that derogates, justifies, approves, extols or propagates them,
  • 9) description of or describing directly or indirectly, how to manufacture or construct weapons or explosives or any part or component of it, or any chemical weapon or any substance of it or nuclear material or narcotic drug, poison or precursor product, medicine or devices necessary for production of the above-mentioned.
  • 10) vulgar text or image/s to Global Catalog, the meaning of which is contrary to generally accepted social, moral, ethical or religious convention of any nation, race, ethnic group or religion, or which would be offensive to the Members of any nation, race, ethnic group or religion to such an extent that it may lead to criminal prosecution and conviction.
  • 11) any texts or images, which could jeopardize the physical, mental or moral development of legally protected minors, or to disturb their mental health, or which would contest holocaust, promote terrorist organizations or political parties and movements, the programs of which lead to suppression of rights and freedoms of citizens or propagate national, race, class, regional or otherwise motivated hatred, or promote representatives of such organizations, parties and movements.

7. Copyright and Proprietary Rights

(1) By uploading and or entering and or submitting any data, text, logos, graphic images, photos, sounds, music, links or interactive media content to Global Catalog the Member confirms, represents and or warrants that it either owns all the rights (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets or any other proprietary rights) to such material or have obtained the necessary licenses, consents or permissions to use and display such materials.

(2) The Member acknowledges and undertakes to respect Global Catalog’s copyright to Global Catalog, (database of data acquired by operation of Global Catalog ), trademarks and all other rights to intellectual property of Global Catalog, and undertakes not to modify or remove any copyright symbol or other identification or information regarding copyright or ownership of any datum of Global Catalog, or to use the operator’s symbols for marking of any products without the express written consent of Global Catalog.

(3) The Member undertakes not to use Global Catalog or information gained from its Global Catalog to promote the products or services of other legal or natural entities, which operate similar websites or business communities mediating information about business entities, goods, products and services in Global Catalog or outside Global Catalog in direct or indirect competition with Global Catalog or Global Catalog.


8. Member’s Duties and Obligations

(1) The Member shall be fully and exclusively responsible for the content of all data it enters to Global Catalog, for its compliance with legal regulations, including copyrights standards, with the general contracting terms of this agreement, and for any damage or other harmful consequence which may arise to other Members, states or any other legal or natural entities as a result of incorrect or illegal data published or illegal or counterfeit products supplied, provided or sold to Users or Members.

(2) The Member indemnifies Global Catalog against all damages, which may arise to Global Catalog by any sanction, which may be imposed by any authority for any breach of any legal duty or any contractual obligation of the Member.

(3) The Global Catalog is a free service. Therefore it is very important that the business information displayed on the system be kept current and relevant. The Member undertakes to regularly update and maintain the information the Member uploads to Global Catalog. If after 3 months of inactivity on the Member’s account, the Member will receive an automatic system generated e-mail notice to update the member’s business information within 1 month. If the Member fails to update its business information within that month then the member’s information will become hidden on the system. After 1 year of inactivity the member’s business information may be deleted from the system at the discretion of Global Catalog.


9. Global Catalog’s Rights and Obligations

(1) Global Catalog shall not be held responsible for any damage or other harmful consequences which may arise to the Member or any other User as a result of using the data published in Global Catalog or in connection with malfunctioning, falsification or misuse of services or transmissions mediated by Global Catalog, or for wrongful usage of products and or services and or tools offered in Global Catalog, or for possible defects in any products or service, access to which or utilization of which is enabled in Global Catalog.

(2) Global Catalog reserves the right to amend or modify or suspend providing the services in Global Catalog for a definite or indefinite period, or to terminate service providing without giving notice to the Member due to unforeseen circumstances. Where possible Global Catalog will give at least 30 day advance notice to Members about prepared changes or amendments to Global Catalog Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In the event that Global Catalog services are terminated or their provision are interrupted for a period exceeding 30 days, the Member shall be entitled to request a refund in writing for a sum equivalent to the unused period of the paid fees. Such request must be made directly to Global Catalog and not to any third party, which may have acted as payment agent on behalf of Global Catalog.

(3) Global Catalog reserves the right to amend or otherwise change the Terms of Service at any time. In the event of an amendment or change to the Terms of Service, the modified Terms of Service shall be immediately published on Global Catalog and made accessible Members. Should a Member not agree with any amendment or change, the Member must terminate its registration within 30 days from date of publication. Should the Member fail to terminate its registration, it is deemed that the Member has agreed to the new Terms of Service and it shall be bound to the terms of the amended agreement.

(4) Global Catalog shall not be responsible for or held liable for any negotiations and or agreements which may be entered into neither between any Members nor between any Member and or Users or for any damages from any cause whatsoever which may arise as a result of the usage of Global Catalog.


10. Cancellation of registration

(1) Global Catalog reserves the right to cancel the registration of any Member or deny any Member access to Global Catalog, if such Member breaches this Terms of Service or breaches any generally binding legal regulations in effect in the territory of any country in which the Member resides or conduct its business operations or executes its business activities.

(2) Should the Member wish to cancel this agreement the Member shall give 30 days notice to Global Catalog of the Member’s intention to cancel this agreement. Any unused balance of subscription fees shall be forfeited.


11. Jurisdiction

(1) This Contract is governed by the laws of Canada, Province of British Columbia and is prepared in accordance with general standards, rules and regulations of international civil law, the USA and the European Union. Any competent court in the Province of British Columbia shall have jurisdiction over any dispute between Global Catalog and a Member regarding this agreement.

(2) Any dispute between Members or a Member and any state authority shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of that State on whose territory a breach or transgression of the law or rule has occurred. If the consequences of illegal action occurred in the territory of more states, the courts of all the states shall have jurisdiction. This does not prevent Global Catalog from claiming indemnity against any Member for any damages caused by such Member by virtue of breach of contract or by unauthorized infringement of copyrights or any other illegal act or acts or omission pursuant to this contract, or any of the products or services the Member advertises or sells through the usage of Global Catalog, in any jurisdiction throughout the world.


12. Software

Software developed for Global Catalog is not perfect. From time to time software glitches may occur which may result in a loss of data or our servers may be hacked by unauthorized persons. While Global Catalog will take every precaution we may deem necessary to protect the integrity of our servers, software, data and security we will not be liable for any damages resulting from a loss of data due to software glitzes or consequences resulting from any hacking attack by unauthorized persons.


13. General

This agreement together with the terms of service incorporated herein and any amendments or variations thereof and any privacy policy that may become in force from time to time forms the entire agreement between Global Catalog and the Member. Should any court of competent jurisdiction deem any provision hereof invalid then the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the rest of the agreement unless such invalidation defeat this entire agreement.


14. Acceptance

By clicking on the “Sign Up” button you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Service signifying your assent to all the terms and conditions in this agreement, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which are incorporated herein by reference. You also consent to the collection and use of information as defined by the Privacy Policy. Members that do not agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy shall not be entitled to register as Members and to use the services provided by the Global Catalog operator exclusively to Members.