PVC Welding Hose

PVC Welding Hose

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Product description

Buy PVC welding hose pipe from SEAPEAK, a China PVC twin welding hose pipe manufacturer

Application: Being widely used in welding machine, architecture and lacquer factory

Temperature: -10℃(-50°F) to 65℃(+150°F)

PVC welding hose pipe is made of two reinforced plastic tubes welded together, light, elastic, easy to handle, anti-erosion. The gas welding hose pipe is applied to gas transportation in welding machine, architecture and lacquer factory.

SUZHOU SEAPEAK, as one of professional China PVC hose pipe manufacturers, is honored to intruduce our high-quality gas welding hose pipe to you. You can check the characteristics and specifications of our products. Welcome to consult.

Characteristics of Gas Welding Hose Pipe

1.High tensile polyester reinforced

2.Work under high pressure 300psi

3.Strong peeling adhesion between fire and PVC

4.light,flexible,non-kinking,non-twisting,UV and ozone resistant, weather resistant

5.Can be used for jackhammer hoe