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Launched in 2010, Global Catalog is the world's leading, fastest growing, and most efficient global business network. It is used every day, by millions of active buyers and prospective suppliers, in over 190 countries and 55 languages, to break into new markets and expand their global businesses.

Whether buyer or supplier, small business or large corporation, companies can benefit immediately by using Global Catalog's global business network, regardless of industrial sector, or where they are in the world. For over a decade, Global Catalog has helped:

Find and Connect

  • Buyers - find, identify, and connect with, prospective suppliers, manufacturers & services providers, both quickly, and efficiently.
  • Suppliers - be seen by potential buyers, that are actively seeking products and long-term supply chain relationships, with trusted business partners (Click here to find out how it works!).

Build Online Business Networks

  • Suppliers (registered users) - build permanent, active networks. Keep suppliers (followers) informed, automatically. Introduce new products, services, and special deals to network partners online. Post news releases, organize events, or modify any information in their Company Profiles (Click here to find out how it works!).

Why go global with Global Catalog?

We live in challenging times (to say the least). First, the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine have profoundly disrupted global supply chains – perhaps permanently. Arguably, the global economy has never experienced anything like this – certainly not in such a short period of time. In early 2020, manufacturers, and suppliers of products began to find themselves hamstrung by shortages of raw materials, and key manufacturing components, as their once reliable partners faltered, or failed, amid worldwide public health, and transportation restrictions.

Just as there appeared to be some relief from the pandemic on the horizon, the war in Ukraine, and its underlying economic warfare (trade sanctions) – a problem that continues to escalate throughout the world economy - has now prohibitively shut off many historic supply chains. Closed air spaces have rendered otherwise still-viable supply chains, uneconomical, or impose time delays that make it impossible for producers to meet I.S.O. 9000 standards (among others), to which they are bound.

The pandemic, and what is increasingly becoming an economic “world war” produced by the conflict in Ukraine, has simply shone light on a long-standing problem: our global trading systems have been far too vulnerable, for far too long, and are overdue for a serious redesign. The simple problem is that there has long been an over-reliance among businesses on singular, or narrowly-distributed source suppliers, often with vulnerable transportation, and communications linkages. This can easily produce chaos, or collapse, when a challenge arises, be it related to public health (like the COVID-19 pandemic), politics (like the war in Ukraine), weather, or natural disaster.

For reasons similar to the genesis of the internet itself – that is, resilience through decentralization, and redundant network distribution - businesses must move away from limited supply sources or "nodes", where a few broken nodes, or broken links between them can cause chaos, if not outright collapse.

Until now, the internet as we know it – i.e. the "civilian internet", or worldwide web - has largely been a retail-oriented world, dominated by familiar platforms like Amazon, E-bay, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Shopify. Of course, these platforms have tremendous utility, but they overlook the strategic reasons for the genesis of the internet, in the first place, and consequently cannot offer the full strategic advantages of digital connectivity that commerce needs to be fleet of foot, and to survive, especially in unpredictable times like these.

We believe the key to ensuring success of global commerce - in almost any climate – no matter how challenging - lies in creating online business-to- business (B2B) networks that can offer:

  • Interconnected, and seamless flow of information between broadly-distributed networks of global buyers, and suppliers, without over-reliance.
  • Specialized AI, and machine learning capability, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of individual businesses.
  • And of course, Global reach!

One-stop sourcing

Every day, almost 1 million active buyers search Global Catalog through over 10 million registered suppliers. They represent 197 countries, 87 major industry sectors, and exchange over 100,000 messages with suppliers each day.

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Our mission

To connect online suppliers and buyers around the world, and make it easy to do business anywhere! We're all about making life simpler, more productive, and more profitable for our users.

We do this by giving suppliers the online state-of-the-art tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products & services, and by helping buyers find quality products and suppliers worldwide, quickly and efficiently.