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KingFast is one of the leading and professional manufacturers of High-Tech SSD (Solid State Drive) products in the world. We provide a wide range of SSD products with different interfaces/capacities for Consumers, enterprises and industrial customers. We produce and ship up to 50,000pcs of these items every month. By working closely with a number of first-tier companies, we are able to predict market trends accurately and introduce new products ahead of the competition. It's our devotion to advanced research and development, supported by strong RD team, sophisticated production skills, in-process testing and strict Quality control Systems. 1100sqm ISO9001:2000 certified factory allows us to output low-cost, high-quality SSD products at the shortest time possible. All of our SSD products are RoHS standard-compliant, and have CE, FCC, KC approvals. Besides, we offer all of our SSD products with three-year warranty. Contact us now to learn more.
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