Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Global Catalog Inc.,( herein referred to as “Global Catalog“.

Our Privacy Policy explains the manner in which Global Catalog collects and uses information gathered from its members hereafter referred to as “members”, “member”, “you” or “your”.

Our Privacy Policy applies to all the services offered by Global Catalog to its members and users and which are not subject to any other privacy policy from an affiliate or business partner.


1. Personal Information we collect from you (Account Information)

Personal Information you give to us like your contact person name, sign up e-mail, address, age and payment processing information, which are meant to manage the relationship between Global Catalog and you.


2. Information you upload to Global Catalog intended to promote your business

Information about your business and your products & services you upload to Global Catalog for purposes of advertizing and building your business, your public contact details and other information meant for public consumption.


3. Public Information

Any information you designate as public information or information that is intended to be available to the general public for public consumption by internet users will be treated as public information for example information about the member’s business name and business activities, products and services supplied by the member and contact details intended for publication on the internet and consumption by the general public.


4. Private information and Privacy

Your personal is extremely important to us and we are committed to safeguarding the personal information you entrust to us. Global Catalog will not disclose information about members without express permission unless the release of said information is required by operation of law or so ordered by a court of law. However security software and precautions are not perfect. Hacking attacks do take place and a hacker may gain unauthorized access to our servers and your. We cannot accept any liability for lost or stolen information when such an attack is successful but we will do our best to prevent such an attack from happening again.


5. Information Collections Practices

Global Catalog may collect personally identifiable information from members in a variety of ways, including through online forms and other instances where members are invited to volunteer such information. We may also collect information about how members interact with Global Catalog. This information is obtained through analysis of server logs and through the use of “cookies” placed on member machines. A cookie is a piece of software that a web server can store on a device used by the member to identify the member should they visit the website again. While not all of the information that we collect from members is personally identifiable, it may be associated with personally identifiable information that members provide to us through Global Catalog business community.


6. Information Usage

Global Catalog may use personally identifiable information collected though Global Catalog to contact members regarding products and services offered by Global Catalog and its trusted affiliates. We may also use information collected through Global Catalog for research regarding the effectiveness of Global Catalog and the marketing, advertising and sales efforts of Global Catalog, and its trusted affiliates.


7. Information Disclosure

Global Catalog will not disclose information about members without express permission unless the release of the information is required by a trusted affiliate to facilitate action requested by the client, or is required by operation of law or so ordered by a court of law. However, we may transfer information collected from members in connection with a sale of our business.


8. Information Security

We work hard to secure and protect members and Global Catalog from unauthorized access to, or alteration/destruction of, or disclosure of any information we hold.


9. Review and Changes

From time to time we review our Privacy Policy to conform to latest developments and standards and may make changes from time to time. We will inform you of any major or significant changes we may make.


10. Enforcement

We undertake to investigate any written complaint we receive about us not complying with our privacy policy and will try to resolve any issues directly with the person who made the complaint.


11. Deleting information a member has shared with Global Catalog.

Any information you have shared with us may be amended or deleted by amending or closing your account with Global Catalog.


12. Questions

Please contact us with any questions regarding out policy by email here.