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Kûrma, a store located between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, is a real treasure trove. Your specialist in quality natural stones, minerals, singing bowls and handicrafts from the H... Read More »
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  • Fontainemelon
  • Switzerland
If you dined at virtually every high profile restaurant from B.C. to California; if you’ve shopped for seafood at almost any supermarket in B.C. or Alberta; if you have visited the bustling fish m... Read More »
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  • Richmond
  • Canada
DUO SHENG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD (former Jiang Sheng Co.) was founded in 1965, which is located in Taichung City , Taiwan . After almost 50 years of experience in seafood wholesaler and built an... Read More »
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  • Taichung
  • Taiwan
Pacific Salmon Industries offers mail order and wholesale smoked salmon, shrimp and meal kit items. Brand names include Grande Gourmet, Gourmet Solutions and Sea Snack.
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  • Surrey
  • Canada
7-Seas fish Company is the proud producer of the highest quality Seafood product available in todays marketplace. We pride ourselves on premium quality, along with exceptional customer service. We... Read More »
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  • Richmond
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Smokey Bay Seafood Company is committed to the sales and marketing of delicious tasting shellfish produced to the highest quality, sustainability, and food safety standards. We import into Canada as... Read More »
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  • Vancouver
  • Canada
S.M. Products (B.C.) Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest buyers, processors and marketers of Wild Pacific Halibut in North America. We have expanded our product line to provide our customers... Read More »
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  • Delta
  • Canada
We are independent West Coast fishermen who believe a balance must be maintained between our traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries. By adopting ocean-friendly, sustainable and... Read More »
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