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Silagra 100mg

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2022 سال (زبانیں)


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Online Silagra 100mg purchase


A sildenafil-based drug called Silagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It functions by widening the blood arteries in the penis, restoring the patient's innate capacity for obtaining and maintaining an erection.

How do I take Silagra?

Silagra starts acting in around 30 to 40 minutes, and its effects endure for 4-5 hours. By taking the medication on an empty stomach, the time it takes for effects to start can be shortened. 50 mg is the suggested starting dose, and 100 mg is the maximum. Unless a healthcare professional advises you to do so, do not raise the dosage. Drink a glass of water or another non-alcoholic beverage while taking Silagra.

Alcohol use can diminish Silagra's effectiveness and raise the risk of side effects, including serious cardiovascular disorders. If drinking alcohol is unavoidable, one should do so moderately and choose for low-alcohol drinks rather than high-alcohol ones.

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