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We are a chain tea shop franchised from Germany. Inspired coffee industry, we are dedicated in tea industry providing premium and modern tea beverage like ice tea cocktail with all different fruit... Read More »
  • Tea rooms | Tea
  • Mississauga
  • Canada
Strictly natural roasting processes, skilful and balanced selection and mixing of the best coffees in the world is the best way of producing a truly excellent coffee. he pursuit of quality requires... Read More »
  • Tea, leaf | Tea, broken | Tea, fannings | Tea dust | Tea, black (fermented) | Tea, green (unfermented) | Tea,...
  • Foscarini
  • Italy
Website: Address: 2335 American River Dr., #810, Sacramento, CA 95825 Ph NO: 916-810-8470 An online resource for tea lovers in the area of dieting and fat... Read More »
  • Tea | Weight loss
  • Sacramento
  • United States
Mitalena Coffee, by United Intertrade, Inc. is a coffee roaster based in Houston, TX that specializes in roasting, blending, flavoring and packaging coffee in bulk or small quantities for wholesale... Read More »
  • Coffee and coffee substitutes | Coffee beans, roasted | Coffee houses | Coffee shop
  • Houston, TX
  • United States
We have always been passionate about finding new and flavorful ways to make healthy eating taste its best. Bringing natural healthcare and holistic options to your table is our focus and passion.... Read More »
  • Olive oil | Tea | Spices | Spices and herbs | Spices & seasonings
  • Roseville
  • United States
Odaly's Delight Cafe is a quaint Cuban restaurant, located off of Southwest 24th Street, Miami, Florida, specializing in Latin fusion, burgers, baked goods and Latin food. Catering available... Read More »
  • Coffee, Colombian | Cafeteria | Delicate meats | Delicatessen, stores | Coffee shop
  • Miami
  • United States
Richard George founded Houston Coffee Exchange in 1974 as an office coffee service. In 1982 the company expanded into roasting operations and continued to grow their distribution arm with a heavy... Read More »
  • Coffee and coffee substitutes | Coffee beans, roasted | Coffee, African | Coffee, Brazilian | Non-decaffeinated coffee...
  • Conroe
  • United States
Julius Meinl is a leading company in Austria, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe. Its business focuses on coffee, tea and fruit preserves with coffee being the most important category. Julius... Read More »
  • Teabags | Tea drinks | Tea | Teas, fruit | Coffee, African | Coffee, Brazilian | Coffee, Central America | Coffee,...
  • Wien
  • Austria