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OC Flock Management specializes in the production and export of sheep and goat semen and embryos sourced from elite Canadian genetics. OC Flock is certified by the Canadian Embryo Transfer... Read More »
  • Sheep | Goats | Sheep and goats | Breeding sheeps | Breeding goats | Sheeps | Goat farms | Sheep raising, farms
  • Bowden
  • Canada
Cantriex Livestock International Inc. (Cantriex) is a full service livestock and livestock genetics brokerage company that has been in the business of exporting for more than 30 years. Cantriex’s v... Read More »
  • Cattle | Beef | Livestock breeding | Cattle breeding | Livestock | Cow
  • Ponoka
  • Canada
Alta Exports International (AEI) offers full-service import and export consulting and markets livestock, embryos, genetic technologies and semen to the international market. AEI’s expertise covers a... Read More »
  • Raising of other cattle and buffaloes | Agriculture & Livestock | Cattle semen | Cattle | Livestock breeding |...
  • Calgary
  • Canada
Alberta Animal Genetics Consulting Group Ltd. (AAGCG) can provide services related to swine genetics supply, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement program genetic evaluations and Estimated Breeding... Read More »
  • Raising of swine/pigs | Pigs, breeding stock | Pigs | Breeding of pigs | Breeding pigs | Farms, management service
  • Edmonton
  • Canada
Equiper son cheval est souvent difficile. L’équipe de la sellerie du Badilon voudrait dans le futur vendre tout les divers équipements et accessoires portés par des chevaux dans le cadre de leur util... Read More »
  • Horses | Horses, cross-bred and saddle | Horses, heavy draught, working | Ponies | Horses trained for flat racing,...
  • Villers-Saint-Amand
  • Belgium
Davidson Gelbvieh is owned by Vernon and Eileen Davidson, just south of Ponteix in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our ranch has evolved from a farming and small commercial cattle operation of 50 head, to a... Read More »
  • Farming | Bulls | Farming, service
  • Ponteix
  • Canada
SunGold Premium Lamb is produced in a large variety of cuts, trims and ground with value added options that appeal to both the retail and food service sectors and further processors. The company... Read More »
  • Lambs, live | Lamb | Meat specialities, mutton and lamb | Lambs | Lamb meat | Lambs, feedlot
  • Innisfail
  • Canada
Davis-Rairdan has joint production and marketing agreements with most of the elite purebred beef cattle producers in Western Canada. This allows us to provide high quality proven beef cattle... Read More »
  • Cattle | Livestock breeding | Cattle breeding | Cattle large horned breeding (KRS) | Transplantation of cattle embryos...
  • Crossfield
  • Canada