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We produce and process our own 100% grass-fed lamb, mutton and sausage. We also process lambs, sheep and goats for other producers. We sell tanned sheepskins and wool batts.
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  • Kelowna
  • Canada
Alta Exports International (AEI) offers full-service import and export consulting and markets livestock, embryos, genetic technologies and semen to the international market. AEI’s expertise covers a... Read More »
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  • Calgary
  • Canada
Welcome to Old Town Farms Pty Ltd Rearing Official Website To Order For Livestock and Ox Gallstone With over years' of experience in Cattle ranging dynamic dairy sector, Old Town Farms (Pty)... Read More »
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  • Magoebaskloof
  • South Africa
Today, the Fisher family runs a modern, progressive business, with a large customer base and an excellent reputation in the community. From generation to generation, Glenwood Meats has maintained its... Read More »
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  • Victoria
  • Canada
Davidson Gelbvieh is owned by Vernon and Eileen Davidson, just south of Ponteix in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our ranch has evolved from a farming and small commercial cattle operation of 50 head, to a... Read More »
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  • Ponteix
  • Canada
CRMB’s Private Label Program offers specialized beef produced by Canadian Rocky Mountain Beef Inc. We are a fully vertically-integrated company, including producers, processors and marketers. Our p... Read More »
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  • Camrose
  • Canada
Brokerage, representation and commission agents for foodstuffs.
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  • Italy
Douglas Lake Ranch has the single largest unit of open grassland in the Region. Douglas Lake Ranch’s ability to sustain such an impressive herd of cattle is derived from the careful management of t... Read More »
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  • Douglas Lake
  • Canada