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Avalon Dairy cows enjoy the Country Club treatment. Which isn’t hard when you’ve got fresh air, pure water, and, well, idyllic country conditions. With small-scale farming and holistic animal hus... Read More »
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  • Burnaby
  • Canada
Chai is a slow food. Take time to prepare it well. Savor it. Let your mind rest while you drink it. And, of course, start with the perfect concentrate – one that is brewed with a healthy respect for t... Read More »
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  • Delta
  • Canada
The Heiss family moved to the Okanagan Valley from Europe via Edmonton, Alberta with dreams of owning a successful vineyard. In 1972, George & Trudy Heiss were at the front of the line presenting... Read More »
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  • Lake Country
  • Canada
Built with the experience and love that came from nine generations of dedication to grape growing and wine production Chaberton was originally a smaller Estate Winery which was started in 1981 by... Read More »
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  • Langley
  • Canada
The Schoune Farm Brewery is a family business that takes its name from Belgian origins. Since his beginnings, the owner, Patrice Schoune has creates more than thirty beers, some of which... Read More »
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  • Saint-Polycarpe
  • Canada
We set out to make the most beautiful wines in the world; starting with organically and biodynamically grown grapes from the pristine Okanagan Valley, handling them with love and attention, allowing... Read More »
  • Wine, white, Chardonnay | Wine, white, Riesling | Wine, white, Sauvignon Blanc | Wine | Manufacture of sparkling wine |...
  • Kelowna
  • Canada
The philosophy of wine making at Quails’ Gate is predicated on quality over quantity. Our vineyards are solely focused on providing the winery team with ripe concentrated fruit that expresses its s... Read More »
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  • Kelowna
  • Canada
Nichol Vineyard is among the first three pioneering wineries on the Naramata Bench. The first part of our home vineyard was planted in 1989 and completed in 1991. We currently farm/grow all of our... Read More »
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  • Naramata
  • Canada