We have 15 years of experience in the tree care industry. Since 2003, we’ve worked in and around the Santa Rosa area to assure homes are looking splendid. That means we’ve ground-down some of the gaudiest trees you’d ever seen – and smiled while we made the homeowner happy. Tree care experience is tough to accumulate unless you have spent years refining your craft. And, since we have grown exponentially over time, rest assured the work we do is phenomenal. If you encounter damages due to storm and other calamities, Tree Service of Santa Rosa will offer 24-hour emergency damage response. If you need some fallen trees removed right away and would prefer an experienced arborist or tree specialist, just mention this on your request and our dispatcher will send our licensed staff immediately. Our tree service company had full range of specialized equipment and facilities. We are capable to carefully remove the trees without causing further damages. All our machinery is manufactured by known brands. We utilize high horsepower self-propelled machines which can handle any size tree, located anywhere in your property. Whether is a leftover from a century tree or just a tree planted a couple years ago, our equipment can handle it. So, have you recently used a tree cutting service? And, do you have annoying leftovers at your yard? If the answer is yes, then why are you still postponing? When you are just one phone call from a solution to all your tree related problems.
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