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We are a distributor and wholesaler located in Korea. We hope to establish good business relationship with any reliable partner for mutual profit. Welcome to contact us if you have any good... Devamı »
  • Makine İşlem Hizmetleri
  • Bucheon City
  • Güney Kore
To connect sellers and buyers in the international food and raw materials.
  • Endüstriyel danışmanlar
  • Lyon
  • Fransa
  • Endüstriyel mühendislik danışmanları
  • Antibes
  • Fransa
We are an architectural design firm specializing in commercial restaurant and retail tenant fit-outs. We provide all aspects of consulting from kitchen layout, finishes, ADA requirements, Code... Devamı »
  • Mimarlar
  • Fairfax
  • ABD
Baskervill, an international, award-winning, full-service architectural, engineering, interior design and sustainable design firm, delivers world-class services to a diverse client base that ranges... Devamı »
  • Mimarlar ve mühendisler
  • Richmond
  • ABD
We are a design studio that creates solutions for living, working and playing. Striving to deliver success from both aesthetic and practical perspectives. Our approach merges strategic thinking and... Devamı »
  • Mimarlar
  • Virginia Beach
  • ABD
QUALITY POLICY Total Quality Management is aware, the contributions of our skilled employees and suppliers using the latest technology and customer satisfaction in line with international... Devamı »
  • Makina Tasarım Hizmetleri
  • Zonguldak
  • Türkiye
  • Mühendislik - endüstri alanıyla ilgili müteahhitler
  • Velaux
  • Fransa
Residential: New homes, remodeling and additions to homes. Commercial: office, retail, industrial, tenant improvements
  • Mimarlar
  • Northbrook
  • ABD
Yetkinpres is metal maching company in Turkey. Yetkinpres is manufacturing company which spealized in the processes of aluminium gravity casting, cnc machining, stamping , laser cutting and welding.... Devamı »
  • Makine Parçaları İşlem Hizmetleri | Hava kompresör parçaları | Alüminyum alaşımları
  • Manisa
  • Türkiye