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Bij Scala Scientific vindt u alle algemene apparatuur voor het inrichten van uw laboratorium. Denk aan apparatuur voor het voorbereiden en opslaan van monsters en de apparatuur die u in staat stelt... Lexo më shumë »
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D.P.ENGINEERS We D.P.Engineers are a reputed name for Manufacturing Variety of Air Filters & Air Conditioning Related Components.By providing clean air solutions to a large number of customers... Lexo më shumë »
  • Bimore ftohjes, projektet e gardian | Ngrohje Qarkut, ftohje, avull dhe ngjeshur furnizimit shërbimet ajrore | ...
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Welcome to the world of M/s National Scientific Apparatus Works, one of the leading Manufacturers of today. Our company Manufacture and Supply an exclusive range of high optimum quality products,... Lexo më shumë »
  • Mikroskop laboratorike llamba zëvendësim | Qelqe laborator | , Laboratori qelqe higjienike ose farmaceutike | M...
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RAJ BIOSIS PRIVATE LIMITED is an Indian health care products company. It has 100 employees and operates in over 130 countries. The company headquarters are in Rajasthan, Jaipur. The company was... Lexo më shumë »
  • Shëndeti dhe mjekësore | Alergeneve për qëllime diagnostike dhe desensitisation | Kits diagnostike, mjekësore, biok...
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Qingdao combi medical and laboratory products Co., Ltd., is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, covering a hundred acres, more than 200 employees, is a professional manufacturer of... Lexo më shumë »
  • Elektrike pajisje laboratorike dhe konsulentëve të projektimit të zhvillimit | Pajisje laboratorike, kimike, industritë ...
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  • Reagents Diagnoza | Gjaku-testimi reagents | Reagents kimike për analizat mjekësore | Analyzer Mjekësore | Pajisje la...
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Shenzhen FLUS Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in infrared thermometers, light meters, anemometers, humidity and temperature meters, humidity and temperature data-logger,... Lexo më shumë »
  • Kontrolluesit e temperaturës, laborator mjekësor | Testers lagështia Temperatura | Vlerëson, temperatura | Metra Ter...
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Tesca Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur, India is Manufacturer Exporter - Test, Measuring Technical Education/Vocational/Didactic Training Equipment. We are proud member of Electronics Computer... Lexo më shumë »
  • Produktet elektrike dhe elektronike | Motor elektrik | Jointing makina qethje, dhe WELD, për shirit metalik | Arsimore ...
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