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Hills Foods Ltd. supplies top-quality wild game meats, organic meats, and specialty products to chefs, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers around the world. Top Chefs are turning to Wild Game and... Read More »
  • Poultry | Rabbit meat | Beef | Beef cuts | Sausages | Ostrich meat, processed | Duck liver pâté | Organic food products ...
  • Coquitlam
  • Canada
AB Kauno grudai is currently performing the following activities: The production, retail and wholesale, of wheat and rye flour The production, retail and wholesale, of mixed fodder and balanced... Read More »
  • Flour-milling | Food - import-export | Livestock - import-export | Agriculture - import-export | Fodder and straw |...
  • Kaunas
  • Lithuania
Anping County Nest Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. is a successful Chinatrading company that is established in 2004 which was principally engaged in manufacture and sales of wire mesh. We have 100... Read More »
  • Nails | Cage birds | Cages for poultry | Nails, common wire | Nails, brads and hooks, metal, for roofing | Razors
  • Hengshui
  • China
Enitha Exports, established in the year 2014 has its own place in trading its range of spices, vegetables, fruits and dry fruits catering to the needs in national and global market ensuring quality... Read More »
  • Nuts | Vegetables, fresh | Vegetables, fruits and nuts | Other vegetables | Cashew nuts | Peanuts/groundnuts | Fruit |...
  • Marthandam
  • India
Intercity Packers produces a full line of protein items for the food service operator looking for premium quality and labor-saving innovation. Our strategically located Vancouver operation produces... Read More »
  • Packaging services for meat | Poultry | Lamb | Beef | Beefsteak | Beef and veal products | Pork chops | Meat preserves...
  • Vancouver
  • Canada
SPECIALISED IN MANUFACTURING PREMIUM QUALITY ANIMAL HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS Addvet is simply giving a guarantee for the quality and result oriented veterinary medicine products and feed additives.... Read More »
  • Animal products | Poultry, live | Feeds for animal farming | Animal feed additives | Feed for fish farming | Feed...
  • amman
  • Jordan
Over the 30 years in business Trimpac has successfully reached many milestones and has grown with not only their customers but also within the industry. In 2008 Trimpac Meat Distributors Inc. took... Read More »
  • Processing and preserving of meat | Processing and preserving of poultry meat | Poultry | Beef | Veal cuts | Meat...
  • Vancouver
  • Canada
We raise chickens and turkeys outdoors on pasture in the North Okanagan, selling directly to households, select restaurants and retailers.  Our birds are humanely raised, fed GMO-free organic grains a... Read More »
  • Poultry for meat production | Turkeys, live | Chickens, live | Poultry | Chickens, dressed and prepacked | Turkeys,...
  • Armstrong
  • Canada