Precise Water Damage Restoration of Reno specializes in fire and water damage restoration field, providing top-notch restoration services to all of Washoe County, Nevada. Specifically, we service Reno, Sparks, Sun Valley, Spanish Springs, Lemmon Valley, Golden Valley, Cold Springs, Mogul, Verdi, Incline Village, Wadsworth, Empire, Gerlach and Nixon.

Through years of experience, hard work, and, most importantly, great customer service, we’ve built ourselves into a leading water damage restoration company in the area. Nowadays we’re recognized by our local community members as the leaders in our industry.

We can repair all types of water damage - from burst pipes and sewage backups to severe storm and flood damage, we do it all. And we do so at the highest level.

Also, we can repair fire damage and remove smoke and odor from your property, in case that’s needed.

Precise Water Damage Restoration of Reno is a team comprised of competent, highly-trained, certified, and experienced fire and water damage restoration specialists. But not only are our team members the best of the best at what they do, they’re also some of the nicest people you’ll ever have a chance to meet and work with.

We respond to all emergencies in 60 minutes or less. Our team is prompt and professional, and is ready to work tirelessly until all of the water damage has been repaired and your property has been fully restored.

If you’re experiencing an emergency and urgently need a restoration service, pick up the phone and give us a call.

Precise Water Damage Restoration of Reno

Reno, NV 89501, United States

+1 (775) 204-4340

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