Copper Chromium Zirconium, Beryllium Copper & NiSiCuCr alloy

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PARAMOUNT ENTERPRISES - PARENT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing & exporter company in Nashik, India. PARENT Carry ample stock of Best quality Copper alloy- CuCrZr, BeCu & NiSiCuCr in rod, bar, flats & billet forms as per international standards RWMA Class-2, class-3 & Class-4 Also, PARENT is young energetic, with highly skilled engineering team having more than 2 decade experience in resistance welding and latest technology machining facility, manufacturing all types of resistance spot welding spares & consumables.  Resistance welding Spares & consumables : standard tips, spot welding electrodes, shanks, holders, adaptors, gun arms, bracket, flexible shunts, water cooled kickless cables, jumper cables, gyro, hanger, bus-bar, trigger switch, switch handle assly, pneumatic cylinder, piston rods and many more for spot welding gun as well as stationary machine- spot- seam, flash welding , seam welding wheel, shaft, bushes, holder,housing,mercury filled & silver segment etc.

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