Online acting classes for beginners. Classes, workshops, lessons to study acting with a master coach. Learn Meisner, Stanislavski, Adler, Method acting techniques from anywhere. Truthful acting for actor and actresses that desire A list film and theater skills. BUT WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE IN THE MONOLOGO OF THE MONTH? Yes, I know ... learning a monologue, trying it out, shooting the video, uploading it ... it's a lot of trouble! But I really recommend you to try it ... for 5 good reasons: You will be able to try your hand at the most beautiful monologues ever. This would be enough for me! Even if I wish you so with all my heart, it will be difficult for you to have the opportunity to interpret all these monologues ... while participating in the Monologue of the Month you will be able to face monologues taken from the works of Shakespeare, Pirandello, Goldoni, Moliere, De Filippo and many other great ones authors. You will improve in the art of the monologue. As I said before, it is with exercise that you improve. If you spend a little time each month studying a monologue, you will gradually have fewer problems when you find yourself having to face one for a show. You will be able to compare yourself with actors from all over Italy. In the dedicated facebook group, there are actors from all over Italy (and even some from abroad). Professionals and amateurs, graduates or novices. By uploading your video you will be able to have opinions on your interpretation, in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual support, which will be very useful for you to improve! You will also be able to see the videos of many other actors who interpret the same monologue as you, in order to notice how many different shades, intentions and approaches can be given to the same character and the same words. An opportunity for comparison and enormous and completely unique growth. It can be useful for your career. We always try to re-share all the response videos we receive, so your video can be seen by many people all over Italy. We are also followed by show business professionals and… well, you never know!
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