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Based in Orange County, California, Mademoiselle Lash is a beauty product company that designs and creates natural-looking false eyelashes that they make from 100% cruelty-free silk fibers. We offer six eyelash styles that can suit every eye shape and which we include in our Premium Collection, Au Naturel Collection, and Bundle Collection. If you have never used false eyelashes before, these collections are the place to start, and you can try different styles to find the right one. You can enhance the beauty of your eyes with feathery lashes, spikey lashes, cat’s eyelashes, or tapered lashes, depending on whether you want to go for a subtle, natural look or pull the stops for all-out glamour. The eyelashes http://shoppingadvisory.net/reasons-for-buying-pack-of-lashes/ are easy to put on and equally simple to take off. It will take you about five minutes or less once you get used to it. All our eyelashes are handmade with artisanal precision. Sewn onto cotton bands, the eyelashes are double-layered for a natural, voluminous look. You won't even need to apply mascara over them. The durability of silk ensures that the eyelashes will retain their silhouette, even if they get slightly wet; you shouldn’t, of course, wear the eyelashes when you go out swimming. With proper care, the eyelashes can be reusable for up to 25 times. They come in portable boxes that you can easily fit in your cosmetic bag or purse. As we follow an eco-friendly policy, all our packaging is recycled paper. Furthermore, we donate part of our proceeds to charities like the Children’s Hospital of Orange Count and Two Wings, a non-profit organization that helps women in need. For more information about our eyelash range, please visit us at https://www.mademoisellelash.com/collections/best-false-lashes and https://www.mademoisellelash.com/collections/bundle-collection.

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