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Leon Law Firm is the vision of Attorney Jose Leon. A former prosecutor for the State of Florida, Mr. Leon decided to launch a law firm that combined the lessons learned and practices from the best attorneys and judges that he had the honor to work with, along with his background and experiences. As a Fighter Pilot, Mr. Leon is used to working in high-paced, dynamic environments in which his decisions are of extreme consequence, developing a fighter pilot mentality that is unique and sought after at the highest levels. Applying this fighter pilot mentality, allows him to aggressively represent his clients.

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Leon Law Firm updated address

Our new location address:

301 W Bay St Suite 1449, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202, ஐக்கிய அமெரிக்க குடியரசு

Leon Law Firm updated website

Visit our website @ http://legalleon.com/