• Villa Vista Matapalo, Lomas Del Mar
  • Suite 205 Guanacaste, Guanacaste, 50503
  • Kosta Rika
  • Tel:707-299-6317
  • Faks: ---.---.-----
  • Url:

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Iboga Healing is a traditional Shamanic Iboga center located in the Northern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Our staff are initiated by the Bwiti tribe of Gabon, Africa, and have worked together treating hundreds of people. It is our passion to help others find happiness and connection through this plant medicine.
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Iboga Healing Center updated address

Our new location address:

Villa Vista Matapalo, Lomas Del Mar, Suite 205 Guanacaste, Guanacaste, 50503, Kosta Rika

Iboga Healing Center updated website

Visit our website @ https://ibogahealing.com