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Daya Panasindo Teknik Indonesia was established by International n National engineering personnel, to provide service excellence in Indonesia and the Asian region to Oil, Petrochemical, Power Genaration, Marine, Metal Fabrication and Metallurgical Industries. Since the company was established, its commitment to On-site services has been a dominant feature in the development of a well earned reputation for the highest standards of quality and technical expertise. Our Typical recent applications have included: Preheating, Stress Relieving (Post Weld Heat Treatment) , Annealing, Normalizing, and High Velocity Gas Firing (Furnace and or Internal Firing In-Situ) . Daya Panasindo Teknik Indonesia, provide Automatic Orbital Welding services as well. The line of tube to tubesheet welding services without filler is used for the manufacture of Heat Exchangers with high production rates and the highest repeatibility of quality.
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