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Arborist-Direct Aberdeen Tree Surgeon Specialists Our teams include:- Arborist Direct Tree Surgeon GlasgowProfessional Arborists – Qualified and knowledgeable, able to advise on tree planting, care and maintenance, environmental interfaces and life-cycle concerns; Interaction with Planning and Environmental Authorities are an integral part of the work. Experienced Aberdeenshire Tree Surgeons, familiar with tree maintenance service work, pruning, crown thinning & lowering, lopping, felling, tree removal and stump removal projects. A majority of such tree work is planned and routine, but emergency intervention works are also handled as parts of the specialist tree surgeon’s responsibilities. Handling the regulatory side of Tree Preservation Orders is an integral part of this work, as are conducting risk assessments and executing subsequent risk management plans. Hedge Maintenance Certified Technicians are the trained and experienced work-force undertaking specialist work including – rope-access work, chain-saw usage, utilisation of pulley systems for lowering tree limbs in confined spaces, operating lifts and hoists for access, plus utilising tree stump grinders for stump removal and chippers for shredding and disposal of smaller branches and foliage. Safety considerations are their paramount concern. Arborist- Direct Aberdeen provides not only qualified and experienced personnel, but also carries the requisite insurance covers for these challenging tree care services Call Now 01224 608959 Aberdeen Tree Surgeon and Tree Care Services Provided: Tree Pruning & Tree SurgeryTree Pruning and Tree Surgery, where trees and their canopies are managed to deliver safe, good looking additions to our gardens and estates. Shaping, reduction of wind loading, increased access to light, care and maintenance are regular tasks. tree felling and tree removalTree Felling and Removal, where over-sized, diseased, and dangerous trees are cut down in a safe and controlled manner. Stump Removal, where unsightly, inconvenient and potentially dangerous tree stumps are removed with least negative interactions. Emergency Tree work for Storm Damaged TreesStorm Damage and Emergency Tree Care, are essential where wind, snow, rain and land-slides have caused damage to trees and dangerous situations to develop. Trees and adjacent properties need to be safeguarded from additional costly repercussions. An Aberdeen tree surgeon or arborist is here to help. hedge trimmingHedge Maintenance, a routine but vital task if hedges are to maintain their looks, provide the desired service and not become unsightly liabilities TreeTree Planting, needs specialist care and attention; whether the trees be single bespoke specimens designed to enhance landscaping or multiple cultivations to provide lasting physical advantage in difficult situations. Environmental and Wildlife Services, Trees can be the natural homes of our local wildlife. Care must be taken to understand the potential for damaging or improving the habitats our trees and professional tree care can provide. Arborist Direct Tree Surgeon Aberdeen Commercial Arborist Services, where advice and assistance is provided to landowners and farmers who plant trees for commercial gain to their ongoing enterprises.Aberdeen Tree Surgeon & Arborist Services Provided: Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Tree Felling, Cutting and Removal Stump Removal Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Care Hedge Maintenance Tree Planting Environmental Considerations and Wildlife and Bat Surveys Commercial Arborist Services