There are many advantages to hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is more cost-effective than sodding or seeding. A hydroseeding application covers a lot of ground quickly, which means you save time and money. Hydroseeding is much easier to apply compared to sod or seed and it's less labor-intensive. There's a little bit of science behind the process of hydroseeding. The slurry that's used in the application has a special bonding agent that creates an airtight bond between the seed and the soil, which means the seeds have a higher chance of survival rate. The slurry also contains fertilizer, which helps plants grow faster, stronger, greener, and healthier. Hydroseed slurry also contains mulch that covers the seeds, which protects them from heat and keeps the soil moist so they can germinate properly. All Green Hydroseed is a knowledgeable hydroseeding company in CT that provides customers with years of experience in the hydroseeding industry. We are respectful, professional, and always follow up on our projects. As a full-service hydroseeding company, we will get the job done correctly the first time. Our services include erosion control, invasive species suppression, and vegetation establishment. Our team has the know-how and education to handle both small and large projects effectively. Visit our website for more information on commercial hydroseeding.
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