Do you dream of starting an acting career? Find out everything there is to know about this profession! The profession of actor is one of the oldest ever: it is an art that has accompanied the foundation of civilization since ancient Greece. While acting might seem like an underrated activity to viewers, as it feels fluid and realistic, nothing could be less true. The job requires long hours of work on oneself, in particular on the body and voice, the tools of the trade of every actor. It takes constancy and perseverance to be able to succeed in this sector. In this article you will find out how to become an actor if this is your dream! Do you need to study to become an actor? There are many icons, who have written an important chapter in the history of Hollywood , whose path can inspire you to become a successful actor . We are talking about innate talents such as Alain Delon and Gérard Depardieu , whose biography has shown that it is not impossible to be successful in comedies and dramas without any kind of training. You don't formally need a school to become an actor, but you do need to be able to demonstrate your talent during auditions. However, establishing yourself in the theater or the dramatic arts is a great advantage . Studying to become an actor will allow you, on the one hand, to be easily identified and, on the other hand, to cultivate your talent in a professional way. Also in Rome there is another highly rated professional school: the Silvio d'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art , attended by many established actors of Italian cinema. There is no shortage of opportunities to study acting in other cities of Italy, such as Genoa, Milan and Turin.
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