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Fiready’s Ambiance™ superior quality firewood product is consistent and reliable. Fiready inc. certifies its firewood products insect-free. The intense heat-treatment greatly reduces the humidity con... Read More »
  • Woodwork | Firewood | Fuel wood | Briquettes, fuel, wood | Forest products | Silvicultural products
  • Clair
  • Canada
As a forest products marketing and manufacturing company All AmeriCan Forest Products relies on more than 100 years of experience to deliver professional, effective solutions for our customers. Our... Read More »
  • Forestry services | Panels, wood | Forest products
  • Vernon
  • Canada
Haida Gwaii Forest Products Joint Venture began operation in March 2013. We operate a custom cut sawmill with the ability to supply customers with green or kiln dired lumber. Haida Gwaii Forest... Read More »
  • Forestry services | Logging services | Timber sawing services | Cedar | Wholesale of wood products | Lumber...
  • Port Clements
  • Canada
A group of large money-management firms are valuing SurveyMonkey at close to $2 billion in a new round of funding that will help fuel the online questionnaire service’s expansion into corporate s... Read More »
  • Offal | Logs, spruce | Fir
  • Calgary
  • Canada
European leader in the floricultural industry, Torsanlorenzo Gruppo Florovivaistico includes 17 companies founded in 1978 by Mario Margheriti. The seats are mainly located in the center and south of... Read More »
  • Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts | Citrus fruits | Saplings | Nursery plants | Green-leaf plants | Roses...
  • Ardea
  • Italy
Taan Forest is incorporated by the Haida Nation under HAICO (Haida Enterprise Corporation), and has exclusive access using selective and sustainable logging practices to scarce high quality timber on... Read More »
  • Woodwork | Forestry services | Timber sawing services | Poles | Timber and wood | Wood products | Other logging...
  • Skidegate
  • Canada
Maijexport - international trading company that is rapidly growing and evolving, constantly expanding their circle of business partners. Our company is engaged in trade of timber and lumber of... Read More »
  • Electricity transmission pylons | Poles for carrying overhead lines | Poles | Poles, metal | Soft wheat | Corn | Yellow...
  • Sheffield
  • United Kingdom
OUR STORY really began in 1969, when founder Dave Wasmuth began buying softwood lumber for the U.S. rail market. In 1975, after operating a re-load yard in Surrey, focused on interior lumber for... Read More »
  • Forestry services | Timber | Timber and wood | Wood | Cedarwood | Timber for construction (fir tree) | Cedar | Fir |...
  • Surrey
  • Canada