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Machines Roger International was founded in 1984 by Mr. Roger Massé. A miner by profession, Mr. Massé devoted a part of his life to the development of methods of improving safety conditions in m... Read More »
  • Diamond drilling services for concrete, brick and stone | Mineral exploration drilling | Drills and drilling tools,...
  • Val-d’Or
  • Canada
Founded in 2009, Zhejiang Jiede Pipeline Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and manufacturing of stainless steel pipe fittings. The company is located in Longwan District, Wenzhou City;... Read More »
  • Pipes | Pipe fittings | Pipes and fittings | Pipes & pipe fittings
  • Wenzhou
  • China
Established British generators manufacturer, with 30 years experience. All types of generators for every market, including marine, industrial, backup, low noise, containerised and offshore... Read More »
  • Generators | Diesel-powered generator set | Generators, AC, single phase and three phase, over 5 kW | Generators, DC,...
  • Pickering
  • United Kingdom
Jia shan cbl bearing company is strive to be a leading company in Needle Roller Bearing Industry. Recently,we focus on shell cup cage needle roller bearings HK series,Machined needle roller bearings... Read More »
  • Ball, needle and roller bearings | Needle bearing | Bearings | Bearings manufacturers
  • Jiaxing
  • China
In the year 2007 5 (Quint) experienced product and management experts founded Quintex. See extract of the commerical register here(German) In our niche market (Ex material / trace heating), we... Read More »
  • Heating elements, ring or disc, electric | Heating tapes, electric | Cables, heating, electric | Trace heating systems,...
  • Lauda-Koenigshofen
  • Germany
We are a company dedicated to the manufacture, sale of garden sprayer, pump sprayer,backpack sprayer which were world-wide level, with more than 10 years experience in Agriculture, horticulture,... Read More »
  • Cleaning carts | Sprayers, horticultural, hand operated | Sprayers | Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Ningbo
  • China
For 45 years, EliasBlanco has been providing services, selling products and offering technical solutions for a wide range of engines and machines. Applications such as marine leisure &... Read More »
  • Mechanical engineering services | Repair and maintenance services for yachts and pleasure boats | Diesel generators |...
  • Algeciras
  • Spain
OEM-ODM manufacturer of Metal Detectors, Walk Through Metal Detectors, Hand Held Scanners, x ray Baggage Scanners, Vending Machines, Coffee and Juice Dispensers, Environmental Noise Control... Read More »
  • Manufacture of consumer electronics | Vending machines, cigarette | Metal detectors, walk through | Candies and snack...
  • İzmir
  • Turkey