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JINAN SUNRISE CNC MACHINE Co., Ltd. (1)is a specialist company dedicated to developing, studying, designing, manufacturing, and selling CNC machines, for example, drilling machine, punching... Read More »
  • Bevelling services, metal, computer numerically controlled (CNC) | Straightening - steels and metals | Industrial sheet...
  • Jinan
  • China
Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory Co., Ltd. (short name is SGB), which is affiliated to Jizhong Energy Group-one of the Fortune Global 500 Companies, is a large-scale industrial pump... Read More »
  • Chains and machine picks, coal cutter | Pumps, slurry
  • shijiazhuang
  • China
DVAI proposes Cut Items in Stainless Steel and Aluminium by the technologies of laser cutting, water jet cutting, high precision plasma cutting, underwater plasma cutting and saw cutting. As well as... Read More »
  • Cutting services, laser, for plastic and rubber | Pipe fittings | Heads, steel, for industrial furnaces | Metal...
  • Tournan-en-Brie
  • France
LABBE is the specialist of the stainless steel processes equipments design and manufacturing as heat exchangers, columns, chemicals reactors, pressures vessels.
  • Engineering - industrial consultants | Heat-exchange units | Distillation columns, petroleum refinery | Reactors |...
  • Tournan-en-Brie
  • France
The joint stock company Montostroj Senec is a successor of state enterprise Montostroj Bratislava. It has 20-year-tradition in production of moulding technology and is reliable partner in the field... Read More »
  • Structural fabrications for civil engineering and building work | Girders - ferrous metal | Concrete formwork |...
  • Senec
  • Slovakia
Manufacturer of unshaped refractory products for induction furnaces, arc furnaces, ladles and other melting / heating technology applications in metallurgy and foundry industries -melting furnace... Read More »
  • Refractory materials | Refractory | Castable refractory concrete | Ramming refractories | Refractory kiln furniture |...
  • Xiangtan
  • Chinaтмчирка.ua
TM "CHYRKA" produces equipment for children's playgrounds, which can be set in outdoor courtyards, kindergartens, private houses and so on.
  • Wood & Furniture | Manufacture of mobile homes | Park and playground equipment | Playground equipment for...
  • Drogobych
  • Ukraine
Saw & Drill Technology is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various diamond tools for cutting, sawing, drilling, grinding, polishing and profiling applications.With powerful technology... Read More »
  • Polishing pad | Grinding wheels, cubic boron nitride (CBN) | Grinding wheels, diamond impregnated | Blades and knives,...
  • zhengzhou
  • China