About Global Catalog

Global Catalog is the first TRUE online Business Network. It is used by people in nearly every country around the world in more than 50 languages.

When you join Global Catalog and create a Company Profile, you can build your own business network. Connect with companies, instantly share your important business information and follow others to see what they are doing. While a "standalone" website may serve your business as a static presentation and social media may help you with some brand awareness, only Global Catalog gives you unparalleled business tools you won't find anywhere else.

Our mission

Connect companies around the world and make business life simpler, successful and productive.


Our Partners

We build mutually beneficial business relationships and strong global partnerships with Manufacturer and Export Promotion Agencies, Trade Development Associations, International Trade Departments and Chambers of Commerce. Together we connect businesses around the world.

Manufacturer and Export Promotion Agencies

  • Industrial Development Agency of Ireland
  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
  • Serbia Investment & Export Promotion Agency
  • Trade and Investment South Africa
  • Invest in Argentina
  • Invest Korea
  • Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters in BC
  • Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency
  • New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
  • Malaysian Industrial Development Authority
  • Moldovan Export Promotion Organization
  • Omani Centre for Investment Promotion Export Development
  • Armenian Development Agency
  • Investment Promotion Centre
  • Aicep Portugal Global
  • Invest in Spain
  • Proinversión
  • Malta Enterprise Corporation

Trade Development Associations

  • Surrey Board of Trade
  • Izmir Development Agency
  • Forum Empresa
  • Agoria
  • Orange County Chamber of Commerce
  • Organization of Women in International Trade
  • EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada – West
  • La Chambre de Commerce Francophone de Vancouver
  • Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique
  • Academy of international business
  • The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council
  • World Business Awards
  • Northern California-Sacramento Regional Center for International Trade Development
  • Taiwan External Trade Development Council
  • Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency
  • Australian Institute of Export
  • World Fair Trade Organization

Meet the team

The team behind Global Catalog is passionate about developing global business network that is useful, simple to use and efficient. Our team is an incredible group of men and women from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of skills and interests. Together, we bring passion for technology, business, and a commitment to customer care that is second to none.

Executive Directors

Milan Hucko, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

Pavol Hollosy, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Pavel Hancak

Chief Technology Officer

Rie Komoto

Chief Creative Officer

Nick Raniga

Quality Assurance Engineer

Paul De Lange, LLB

Chief Legal Officer

Business Development Consultants

Ron Schreckenbach

Western Europe

Olga Algayerova

Eastern Europe

Wu Jang


Jason Smethers

North America

Carlos Mermolejo

South America

Farah Kumari


Clarance Roberts


Tsuneo Yamazaki


Sveta Kishchenko


Let's give a chance to less fortunate kids.

Together we can help sick children around the world to have a better life. We believe all children deserve the chance to lead healthy, productive and happy lives. In many developing countries the equipment, medicine and supplies needed to help heal, repair and sustain health are often out of reach for individuals and their government.

In developing countries, when health care systems can't meet the needs of the people, children are often the hardest hit. More than 20,000 children in the developing world die each day. That’s why Global Catalog is committed to contributing part of our Paid Services to carefully selected global charitable programs and projects helping kids around the world.

Approach to Funding Projects for Sick Children

Our approach is very simple and effective. We are very careful with the selection of funding specific charitable projects, and we always work directly with hospitals in the poorest countries around the world. We try to focus our support on the areas where we can have the greatest, positive and immediate impact. We always want to know how the dollars are being used, we want to see who is going to be helped. We feel good and solved immediate problem.

Donations go directly to buy

  • Furniture for children's departments and ambulances
  • Baby incubators
  • Baby resuscitators
  • Monitoring and diagnostic equipments
  • Positioning aids
  • Wheelchairs
  • Toys and games that help entertain children during their hospital stay
  • Basic school supplies

Top Charitable projects:

Aga Khan Hospital, Ocean Rd, Tanzania

Hospital Departamental de Villavicencio E.S.E., Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Kasih Ibu Hospital, Denpasar Bali, Indonesia